The house is quiet. Momentarily, at least. Hubs is upstairs putting our four-year-old to bed. The dishwasher stopped clanking, the air conditioner clicked off. Silence. Golden.

So much has changed, it seems, it such a short time. We have a new little blessing arriving in late November. Bear is starting pre-school in one week. Hubs’ work territory is expanding, meaning what yet we aren’t sure. We put our house on the market, then took it back off. Life is definitely as exciting as you make it, and this year is proving to be a good one so far.

It’s funny how much I miss doing something (writing), yet draw complete blanks when I actually make the effort to sit down and do it. So I’ll leave it here for now. Just for now, until tomorrow.

soccer game snack idea

I’m now officially a soccer mom. Bear started playing a couple of weeks ago and it is the cutest. thing. EVER. I’m so lucky to have two of my closest friends on our team, and our husbands are so lucky that we volunteered them to coach.  {Whatever it takes to keep the team from canceling, right?}  Which makes it even more adorable.

And which makes me unofficial Team Mom. Thankfully Pinterest has a ton of cute ideas, especially when I needed something for a last-minute after game snack. I simply stuffed plastic baggies with a bag of pretzels and an applesauce pouch, and printed these uber cute free labels that I got here. If ONLY I had had some cute Washi tape, they would have been perfect!

Preschool soccer snack idea

Honestly, the kids were so hungry they ripped the baggies open and probably no one even noticed the label, ha!

Craft: coffee cup sleeve birdfeeders

The weather around here: utterly wacky. Snowing one day, 70 degrees and raining the next. Bear and I have definitely had to get creative on how to stay entertained in the house. I figured we might as well do a craft project that also helps in my decluttering mission, so we made bird feeders out of old Starbucks coffee sleeves.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking: “Who in their right mind keeps old coffee sleeves?” Well, I do. Along with egg cartoons, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls… Hoarder? Maybe. But I always tend to think maybe I can use that for something. Or, I’ll collect them and then Freecylce them because I’m sure someone could use them for something. Yeah, my husband just loves that.

Anyhoo, so that’s how I ended up with a sack full of coffee sleeves. I found some old peanut butter cups (expired, but I just knew we could use them for something… ahem), old nuts, and a plastic knife. I put the nuts in a plastic baggie ~ along with some raisins that were hard beyond eating and an old package of trail mix ~ and let Bear have an awesome time crushing them with the meat tenderizer pounder thingy. I then poured them out on a plastic plate.

Bear had a ton of fun covering the sleeve with peanut butter. Terribly messy, but probably his favorite part. I made one too and showed Bear that he could roll the sleeve in the nuts so they would stick, but he preferred to place each individual piece on the sleeve himself. There were several uncrushed nuts that he made “designs” with ~ he was uber proud of his almond flower!

Coffee Cup Sleeve Birdfeeder Craft

Once done, I made a small hole in the sleeve and slipped a twisty through, and then left the feeders on the plate over night so the peanut butter would harden a bit. The next day, I hung one from a low tree limb and one on the squirrel feeder.

I’m assuming they were a big hit with the wildlife because the next morning they were both gone! Like, vanished. Maybe next time we’ll use something stronger than a twisty🙂


It’s freezing here today. Well, for Texas anyway! I’m not sure I would notice it so much if we all weren’t just a little stir crazy. Bear’s come a long way since NYE and is feeling so much better, like bouncing-off-walls better. And since we’ve been confined to the house, this place is in complete disarray ~ I think every surface is covered with a toy, book, sock, crumb or, thanks to the hubs, some kind of hunting paraphernalia.

I kid you not.

So it comes at a perfect time that a friend in my mom’s group suggested Declutter 365 for anyone looking to get organized this year. At first I blew it off. Then I thought, hmmm, maybe. And when I finally read through it? I got motivated. Because it sounds totally doable. A little at a time, with a permanent end goal in mind, not just temporary fixes for messy piles.

I printed out the calendar, labeled a big bag donate/sell, found an old binder in the office for our home folder, and will finish with storing Christmas cards tonight. Then I’ll be caught up for tomorrow, and it literally took maybe 20 minutes to do it all.

Can we say awesome?

Especially since I thought, with the hubs off for the last two weeks, that I would actually get the house in order. Nope, didn’t happen of course. But maybe it’ll get there now, slowly, with these easy-to-follow baby steps.

Now to figure out how to keep Bear entertained inside again tomorrow…

magic + dreams

Hello 2015. I would love to say I rang in the New Year doing something fantastic, in a gorgeous sparkling dress with something bubbly in my hand, a gorgeous man on my arm, with pictures that shall always remain off the Cloud and in my memory.

But… not quite. The hubs was deer hunting, and I was holding Bear (my amazing 3-year old) in an empty after-hours Urgent Care, watching a bizarre cartoon on Nick Jr and listening to the sound of him simply trying to breathe.

Yep, pneumonia.

Scary, scary stuff. But he’s doing a lot better today thanks to breathing treatments, steroids and antibiotics. And hours of his favorite PBS shows.

So maybe our year didn’t start off quite as I thought, but I know which direction I want it to go. Upward, onward, with delightful surprises and creative discoveries. More adventure, more enjoying down time, just more of everything beautiful this life has to offer.

And I leave you with this: